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Strandby Fisk is a fishing business placed in the nothern part of Jutland in Denmark. We produce and sell fresh fish, seafood and other fish products.

Quality fish fresh from the sea

Strandby Fisk is unique. We are placed right by the harbor in Strandby, and we handle the fish from delivery in our production, and untill the fish is delivered to your doorstep. We have no expensive intermediaries, which means that you get fresh, quality fish at a fair price.

We care about quality

Since 1921 our dedicated employees in Strandby have filleted fish for some of Europe’s most picky customers. In a competitive market, we prioritise quality over quantity, and that has earned us a good reputation.

Sustainable fishing

Strandby Fisk is a part of the authentic fishing environment in the nothern part of Jutland close to the fish auction near the habour in Strandby. This means that fish bought at the auction in the morning are ready to be delivered to you the next morning. That means that you get fresh, quality fish every time.

We have our own cutting room, our own packaging and our own distribution. We buy fresh fish at the auction in the morning, fillet the fish and wrap it before delievering it to you.

We believe in sustainable fishing

Sustainable fishing means leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting habitats and ensuring that people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

Our fish are caught in a sustainable way respecting the fish and the sea environment. And we have full traceability on all of our products, which means that we can tell you where your fish was caught, when, with what, which fishing boat brought it in and to what harbor.

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